Pre-Listing Consultations

Pre-Listing Consultations: Getting Your Listings Ready for Sale

“Home staging is not just about cleaning and decluttering, but about enhancing and showcasing. It’s about highlighting the best features and minimizing the flaws of your listings. Home staging is the skill of making your listings irresistible to your buyers.”
~ Lew Corcoran

When you put your listing on the market, visitors will be walking through. So, you’ll want to prepare your listing for your guests before you put it on the market!

Images of a virtually staged living room showing how pre-listing consultations can get your home ready for a sale

Before you list a house for sale, you’ll want to make sure it looks its best. That’s why we offer pre-listing consultations that will help you prepare your listings for the market. A pre-listing consultation is a service that gives you expert advice on how to improve your listing’s appeal and value.

Here’s how it works:

    • We visit the house and do a thorough walk-through with you and the owners.
    • We give you and the owners tips and feedback on how to fix or update any issues or flaws in their home.
    • We help you create a to-do list of tasks that the home owners can do themselves to enhance their home’s appearance and functionality.
    • We assist you with staging the home to create a welcoming and attractive space for buyers.

By using our pre-listing consultation service, you can save time and money, avoid common mistakes, and increase your chances of selling your listings faster and for more money.


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