Best Home Staging Tips to Sell Your House Fast


Home staging can make your home more appealing to potential buyers and help you sell your house faster and for a higher price. Decluttering, cleaning, painting, depersonalizing, updating appliances, staging each room, and adding curb appeal are the best home staging tips from real estate experts. Decluttering and cleaning your home shows that you take good care of it, while painting with light and neutral colors and updating appliances can make it look more modern and valuable. Depersonalizing your home removes your personal touch and lets buyers imagine themselves living in it. Staging each room and adding curb appeal showcase the potential and functionality of your home and create a positive first impression on buyers. Home staging can be a DIY project or a professional service, depending on your needs and budget.

If you are planning to sell your house, you might want to consider staging it to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Home staging is the process of preparing your home for sale by highlighting its strengths, downplaying its weaknesses, and creating a favorable impression on buyers. Home staging can help you sell your house faster and for a higher price, as well as attract more offers and reduce the need for price reductions.

Best Home Staging Tips to Sell Your House Fast

But how do you stage your home effectively? Here are some of the best home staging tips from real estate experts that you can use to sell your house fast.

1. Declutter

One of the most important home staging tips is to declutter your home. Clutter can make your home look smaller, messier, and less inviting. It can also distract buyers from noticing the features and benefits of your home. Therefore, you should go through each room and remove any unnecessary or personal items, such as clothes, books, toys, papers, photos, etc. You can donate, sell, or store them elsewhere until you move.

Decluttering also applies to your cabinets, closets, and pantries. Buyers will likely open them to check the storage space, so you want to make sure they are neat and organized. You can use baskets, bins, or containers to store items that you need but don’t want to display.

2. Clean

Another essential home staging tip is to clean your home thoroughly. A clean home shows that you have taken good care of it and that it is ready for the new owners. A dirty or dusty home, on the other hand, can turn off buyers and make them question the condition and maintenance of your home.

You should pay attention to every detail when cleaning your home, such as the floors, walls, windows, doors, fixtures, appliances, countertops, sinks, toilets, showers, etc. You can hire a professional cleaning service if you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself.

3. Paint

Painting your home is one of the most cost-effective and impactful home staging tips. A fresh coat of paint can make your home look brighter, bigger, and more updated. It can also cover up any stains, scratches, or marks that might detract from your home’s appeal.

When choosing paint colors for your home staging, you should opt for neutral and light colors that appeal to a wide range of buyers. Neutral colors can create a calm and soothing atmosphere in your home and allow buyers to imagine their own style and personality in it. Light colors can reflect more natural light and make your rooms feel more spacious and airy.

Some of the best neutral paint colors for home staging are white, beige, gray, cream, tan, or greige (a mix of gray and beige).

4. Depersonalize

Depersonalizing your home is another important home staging tip that can help buyers envision themselves living in your home. Depersonalizing means removing any items that reflect your personal taste, style, preferences, hobbies, beliefs, or identity. These include family photos, artwork, collectibles, trophies, religious symbols, political signs, etc.

Depersonalizing your home does not mean making it bland or boring. You can still add some personality and charm to your home by using accessories such as pillows, rugs, curtains, lamps, plants, or candles that match the color scheme and theme of each room.

5. Update Your Appliances

Updating your appliances is one of the best home staging tips that can boost the value and appeal of your home. Appliances are one of the first things that buyers notice when they enter your kitchen or bathroom. They can also indicate the age and quality of your home.

If your appliances are old, dated, or broken, you should consider replacing them with new ones that are energy-efficient, modern, and functional. If replacing them is not feasible, you should at least clean them thoroughly and make sure they work properly.

You should also update any other fixtures or hardware in your kitchen or bathroom that are worn out or outdated, such as faucets, knobs, handles, lighting, etc.

6. Stage Each Room

Staging each room is one of the most effective home staging tips that can showcase the potential and functionality of your home. Staging means arranging furniture, accessories, and lighting in a way that creates a comfortable, attractive, and inviting space for buyers.

You should stage each room according to its purpose and highlight its features and benefits. For example, in the living room, you should create a cozy seating area with a sofa, chairs, coffee table, and rug. You should also add some accent pieces such as a fireplace, bookcase, or artwork to create a focal point.

In the dining room, you should set up a table with chairs, plates, glasses, and napkins to create a dining scene. You should also add some flowers, candles, or a centerpiece to add some color and elegance.

In the bedroom, you should make the bed with clean and crisp linens, pillows, and blankets. You should also add some lamps, nightstands, and curtains to create a relaxing and romantic ambiance.

In the bathroom, you should display some fresh towels, soap, shampoo, and lotion on a tray or basket. You should also add some plants, candles, or artwork to create a spa-like atmosphere.

7. Add Curb Appeal

Adding curb appeal is one of the most crucial home staging tips that can attract buyers to your home before they even step inside. Curb appeal is how your home looks from the outside and how it fits in with the neighborhood. It can create a positive first impression on buyers and make them want to see more of your home.

To add curb appeal to your home, you should:

⦁ Rent a pressure washer to remove any dirt and grime from your siding, roof fascia, and gutters.
⦁ Paint the front door and/or shutters a bright color, but make sure it coordinates well with the rest of the home’s colors.
⦁ Replace old house numbers, the mailbox, and the welcome mat.
⦁ Clean up the edging around flowerbeds and lay down fresh mulch.
⦁ Fill in empty beds with small shrubs, seasonal flowers, and greenery.
⦁ Get a pair of urns or large planters and fill them with small evergreen shrubs and cold-hardy annuals.
⦁ Add some furniture to your porch or stoop if you have room for it to expand your outdoor living space.

These are some of the best home staging tips that you can use to sell your house fast. By following these tips, you can make your home look more appealing spacious and updated.

You can highlight its strengths, downplay its weaknesses, and create a favorable impression on buyers. You can also increase its value, reduce its time on market, and attract more offers.

Home staging does not have to be expensive or complicated. You can do most of it yourself with some time, effort, and creativity. However, if you need professional help or advice, you can hire a home stager who has experience and expertise in preparing homes for sale.

A home stager can provide you with a consultation a plan or a full-service package depending on your needs and budget.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, home staging is an investment that can pay off big time when selling your house.

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